Brenda Gonzalez and Ana Sheila Victotino, Co-hosts of Tamarindo Podcasts (Photo: Liv Amend Steingart)

Brenda Gonzalez and Ana Sheila Victotino, Co-hosts of Tamarindo Podcasts (Photo: Liv Amend Steingart)

Tamarindo podcast is a lighthearted show where hosts discuss politics, pop culture, and how to balance it all con calma, hosted by Brenda Gonzalez and Ana Sheila Victorino. Through Tamarindo, we use levity to inform, inspire, and impact our community. Join Brenda and Ana Sheila as we delve into discussions on identity, race, gender, representation, and life!

Tamarindo podcast has been featured in Oprah Magazine, mituRemezclaLatino USA, Latina Magazine, Variety magazine's Entertainment and Tech Summit and Hip Latina.  Tamarindo is available for speaking engagements and podcast workshops. Contact us to learn more!

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About Us



Co-Creator & Host

Brenda is a nonprofit capacity builder and podcaster. She has over 15 years of experience working with community based organizations, most recently at a national Latino civil rights organization where she focuses on leadership development and digital innovation to move organizations forward.

Her experience as a formerly undocumented student shaped her interests in politics and she earned a M.A. in Political Science by age 23 from Cal State Fullerton. She grew up in Fullerton, but has returned to the first city she lived in the US, Los Angeles where she’s lived for the past 10 years. Before she was even eligible to vote, Brenda taught American Government at Cal State Fullerton and is passionate about civic engagement.

Brenda values community service and she has held volunteer roles on many nonprofit boards since 2007, most recently as board chair of an education equity nonprofit. Brenda founded Tamarindo in 2016 with the mission to use comedy and laughter to illuminate important issues impacting the Latinx community.

She was born in Puebla Mexico and is an ambassador of Tacos Arabes, Cemitas, Mole, y Chiles en Nogada.


Ana Sheila

Co-host Since March 15, 2019

Ana Sheila Victorino is a wellbeing enthusiast, low-key chismosa, and recovering model immigrant. She’s deeply committed to her impact on this earth through how she lives and what she eats and left her product management job at a large technology company to co-found Bask & Being, a wellness company that helps cultivate healthier organizations so that people can do their best work.

Based in L.A, she co-founded LAtinas, a public service and leadership development program that trains young Latinas from low income areas of Los Angeles. She currently serves as a governing board member for Los Angeles Education Partnership (LAEP) an educational equity non profit and is an advisor for LOFT, the Hispanic Heritage Foundation’s workforce initiative.

Originally from Mexico City, Ana Sheila grew up in Chicago which instilled in her a deep appreciation for cultural diversity and understanding. She received her BA from Stanford in International Relations, a minor in modern languages, and an MBA from UCLA where she was the VP of Diversity and Inclusion and on the board of the LGBT org, Out@Anderson.


Ana Sheila



Jeff Devoe provides original music and sound engineering for Tamarindo Podcast and ensures each episode sounds fantastic. When he is not adding sound effects on Tamarindo, he is producing electronic music. You can find his music at